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  • James Musey

    James Musey

  • veeranagouda patil

    veeranagouda patil

  • James Shah

    James Shah

    A coder and an amateur writer. I write byte-stories and emotional codes.💻🖤

  • Prachi Dalvi

    Prachi Dalvi

  • Joe Hunt

    Joe Hunt

    British Writer & MA Student of Buddhism — Making Sense of Mindfulness & Meditation in The Modern World: remind.substack.com

  • Sudhakar Nori

    Sudhakar Nori

  • Ikenna Nwosu

    Ikenna Nwosu

    Data Scientist @ Freelance

  • Mia Z. Edwards

    Mia Z. Edwards

    Writer, blogger, short story’s memoir on world travels, neighbor (hood), work, & being a single Black woman | Email: Mia627416@gmail.com | Follow me @Miazoey14

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