Most Effective Project Planning Techniques

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Being a leader and working on different projects and with different members simultaneously, sometimes it is quite challenging to keep up the pace and manage the work efficiently. But thanks to digital platform and tools which are out there in the market to simplify our work and meet the goals.

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In this blog, I put forward different software tools and techniques for efficient project management with their features, uniqueness, their prices, and link to connect them. In the end, you will be able to figure out the best-suited one for your application.


ProofHub offers a replacement for conventional emailing, with many project management apps under one roof, and a lot of other tools.

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  1. Delegating and performing roles
  2. Free protection of data
  3. Assigned functions of the app
  4. On-line squad meetings and conversations,
  5. Analysis of project monitoring and recording

Uniqueness: ProofHub has a clear and well-designed user interface that makes the team function together more effectively.

Price: from $20 / month (up to 10 projects) to $150 / month (unlimited projects)


2. Scoro

Scoro is a comprehensive framework that incorporates all the resources you could need: tasks & events, contact tracking, interviews, team planning, billing, and monitoring.

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  1. Works of subtasks and targets
  2. KPI Monitor Real-Time,
  3. Shared working agenda & work plan
  4. Control of touch
  5. Tracking time and paying for jobs
  6. Detailed development note on initiative and financing
  7. Quoting and billing for pre-set templates

Uniqueness: Scoro helps to streamline the progress of your work, which means you don’t have to use a lot of different tools for each assignment. In one central location, all the sensitive information is kept.

Price: From $26 user/month


3. Basecamp

For thousands of project management professionals who enjoy a sleek social networking interface and a carefree team atmosphere, Basecamp is the favorite site.

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Features: Projects to handle the function of several people, Chat boards to address current ventures or suggestions, Collaboration in-app with the manager, Plan Quality Monitoring, Notifications via mobile and laptop


  1. Separate space to present and add particular data to clients
  2. Basecamps are free for teachers and students!

Price: $99/month for unlimited users


4. Podio

Podio is an electronic work and team communication network that is modular and completely customizable.

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  1. Assign roles, add files, and share specifics of the solution
  2. Link Encrypted & Large Files
  3. Automate distribution channels
  4. Get a summary of the virtual interface business, Automate the process.

Uniqueness: the Podio workflow function helps you to apply if-then-that reasoning to the Podio software. For example, order the app to generate a task or message, when an object is produced, or when a particular change is made to an object.

Price: From 24$ month/user for full suite of features


5. Asana

Asana combines project management, file storage, and coordination elements and allows them to conduct tasks without email around a team.

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  1. Easy way to divide the job into assignments and delegate them to leaders of the team
  2. Organize the activities in Roadmap and Timeline programs
  3. Track the achievements and review the success of the team
  4. Stay updated on changes to initiatives
  5. Using the project dashboard to get a short rundown

Uniqueness: Asana is a really easy-to-use program with a basic interface. with a tiny squad of not too big tasks.

Price: Free for up to 15 members, Premium from $8.33 user/month


6. Workzone

Seasoned marketing execs, who wanted to help advertisers and design teams to make their work more available, founded the Workzone.

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  1. Individualized and personalized sets of activities
  2. Build Subtasks and Project Dependency
  3. Set passwords for all users (including clients) to access programs, tasks, and files
  4. Quickly see Gantt map status
  5. Assigning staff on more than one mission

Uniqueness: Workzone has a number of important features which is easy to use than more sophisticated software. The job environment is supposed to be utilized by the whole staff.

Price: $24-$44 per month



With advanced project management software and features, JIRA is a cross-platform and error reporting application.

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  1. Build app stories and problems
  2. Schedule the sprints
  3. Distribute duties to the business unit
  4. Prioritize and analyze the work of the staff
  5. Centralize the coordination of the staff
  6. See the update on the team’s progress in real-time

Uniqueness: JIRA is developed for the creation of tech projects, making it the ultimate IT project management device.

Price: Starting from $10/month (up to 10 users), $75/month for 15 users, $300/month for 50 users.



Notion should show you a totally new approach to project management. This will organize and coordinate tasks, discusses everything with the boss, and maintains track of all proposals.

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  1. Hold a specific checklist per week
  2. Make the statement
  3. Create a work board with a customizable drag & drop editor
  4. Post the files
  5. Nest pages inside each other-like an endless information base.

Uniqueness: “Notion is like a collaboration software LEGO set (or Minecraft, if you’re from a younger generation) that lets you assemble workflows that work best for your team, as easy as using a text editor. “-Ivan Zhao, co-founder of Notion.

Price: $8 user/month


9. Trello

Trello is renowned for visualizing project assignments on a cardboard-like screen that’s perfect for handling fast and easy everyday activities.

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  1. Easy job control on a cartboard
  2. Information at glance
  3. Create infinite sets of activities
  4. Sharing Photo and Data
  5. Organizing items by date or goal
  6. Discussion and Collaboration

Uniqueness: from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 firms, Trello is the most immersive way for teams to work on every project.

Price: Free for personal use, $9.99 user/month for businesses



Effective Collab lets the squad keep connected when you’re outgoing contact.

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  1. Time monitoring and payment
  2. Gantt-like deadlines for preparation
  3. Create multi-user projects and timelines
  4. Shared Collaboration Project Schedule

Uniqueness: Active Collab is especially useful for teamwork for interactive text editing and connectivity.

Price: From $25/month for the cloud version, from $499 for the self-hosted version


My favorite is Basecamp and Asana, where I explored both the tools and learned efficiently to use them while working on different projects in the industry.

Enjoy project managing!!!

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