Simple Equation of Success, Growth and Progress

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I was always striving in my entire life finding out the real meaning of the term Success. Then most of the time I got confused with growth and progress. Yes, Wikipedia, Google, and other internet resources will provide to dictionary meaning of these terms. But life has it’s own hidden dimensions for these terms. But after a lot of research, listening to many successful people, reading their stories, and reading a lot of books, I simply formulated a simple equation for what it says.

This blog is just an effort to give a more clear understanding of the terms. And always it is subjectivity, perception, and experiences of life. My intention is to share what I learned in my journey.

Growth: Increase in materialistic possession in all ways is called Growth. An increase in business from $100 million to $ 200 million can be defined as growth.

If growth is aided by ethics like discipline, honesty, norms it is called Progress.

Growth + Ethics = Progress

That progress with humanity, morality, spirituality is called Success.

Success = Stability +happiness+Peace + all types of growth and Progress

Remember when you are a kid, even learning to walk was a great job and that time even you are successful. So if you are a graduate you are successful, if you are post-graduate then you are successful, if you are having a loving relationship you are successful, if you are having a job you are successful.

Life demands living in different stages, different things and we are successful in one or other ways when we lived in it.

Always thrive to be successful, because if you have just made your growth on the basis of money, that will not bring you happiness and peace.

Enjoy every moment of life, because as said “ Journey is more important and beautiful, rather than destinations”

Keep Smiling!! :)

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